The NSW Parliament’s Committee on Economic Development turned its attention to the Coffs Coast this week, taking expert submissions from local businesses, Councils and academics about factors affecting employment and economic development in the region.

Greens MP and member of the Committee Jamie Parker joined local Greens candidate in the recent federal election, Carol Vernon to discuss the findings.

“We heard about the urgent need for education and training to meet the growing demand in the health and service industries,’ Mr Parker said.

“The State Liberal/National government’s cuts to TAFE and the public service will impact disproportionately on the mid north coast.

“After hearing all the evidence I am even more convinced that the government needs to invest more in education and training,” Mr Parker said.

Local Greens spokesperson Carol Vernon said:

“Many people in this area are dependent on the service industry - pensioners, invalid pensioners, single parents, those on Newstart benefits, or tree-changing retirees who require high quality health facilities.

“We should promote the service and health industries and do everything we can to push for the growth of these jobs on the mid north coast.

“The last thing we need is more cuts to service industries.

“We can afford to care for our older citizens and those with health needs. I see many older and obviously unwell local residents doing it tough. They do not deserve to bear the cost of a failure to tax the mining companies, the big banks, and the extremely wealthy.

“Every service industry employee brings a wage and usually a family to our local area,” Mrs Vernon 


October 02, 2013 at 12pm

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