Greens Support Improved Playgrounds for Children

The Greens support proper funding so that community facilities like parks, playgrounds and walking tracks are well maintained and therefore encourage families to meet their neighbours and let their children exercise outdoors.

Leichhardt Mayor Jamie Parker attended today's opening of Easton Park Playground at Lilyfield Road, Rozelle which has just received a $60,000 Council upgrade, enjoying the opportunity to chat with local residents in the sunny weather while everyone enjoyed a sausage sizzle and refreshments. 

Leichhardt Council is revitalizing 10 local playgrounds including Prioneers Memorial Park which will be upgraded in March 2011. Council has invested $ 460,000 toward the park upgrades and no one playground is the same with state of the art swings, slippery dips, turning wheels and other fun equipment.

To celebrate the completion of each playground, Council has hosted several community sausage sizzles for locals on a Saturday. The response from the community has been positive with many residents from neighbouring streets attending. 

In a recent letter to Council, Sara Dabro from Willian Street thanked Council. “At any one time of the day, you will find at least 10 kids getting so much enjoyment from it, and having recently moved into the area I have met some lovely community members from my time there with my sons,” said Sara.

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