Greens urge Albanese to commit to High Speed Rail, ease airport noise in Inner West

Elected Greens at the Federal, State and Local Government level are urging Federal Transport Minister and MP for Marrickville Anthony Albanese to go beyond a feasibility study and make a clear commitment to build High Speed Rail to ease aircraft noise and pollution in Sydney’s Inner West.

Greens Senator for NSW Lee Rhiannon said, “Sydney to Melbourne is the fourth busiest aircraft route in the world and high speed rail will help alleviate noise suffered by Inner West residents.

“Minister Albanese’s enthusiasm for high speed rail needs to be more than just words.

“The high speed rail implementation study shows it to be a viable option and Minister Albanese should now commit to it going ahead.

“Easing demand by creating a rail option to flying will help address climate change and the expected impact of peak oil on petrol prices.

NSW Greens MP for Balmain Jamie Parker said, “Premier O’Farrell must get behind this exciting rail proposal and offer support to the federal government to build it.

“The Liberal government should assist by identifying and quarantining land and bringing funding to the table.

“I will work with Greens MPs and my local community to ensure this project comes to fruition.

Mayor of Marrickville Fiona Byrne said, “The Greens welcome the implementation study, which was part of the Greens agreement to support the Gillard government.

“High speed rail for the east coast is not just a smart environmental solution but a panacea for the aircraft noise that plagues the lives of Marrickville residents ,” Ms Byrne said.

Contact: 0487 350 880

Note: The Greens agreement to support the Gillard government includes, ‘That an implementation study for High Speed Rail should be completed by July 2011.’

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