Greens welcome report of ICAC review panel but concerns remain

MEDIA RELEASE - August 11, 2015
Today’s response from the Premier to the report of the Independent Panel – Review of the Jurisdiction of  the  Independent  Commission  Against  Corruption is recognition of the critical role that a strong corruption fighting body has in cleaning up NSW.

Jamie Parker MP, Greens spokesperson on anti-corruption, welcomed the report and recommendations. However concern remains that Recommendation 1: Section 8(b) fails to include specific reference to the Planning and Assessment Act.

“Whilst the panel’s recommendations are positive and reflect the importance of a broad mandate for the Independent Commission Against Corruption [ICAC], it is concerning there is no provision within the definition of corrupt conduct for fraud in relation to planning and development matters,” said Mr Parker. 

“In light of the tainted history of planning and development decisions in NSW, this is a curious omission.”

Recommendation 3: Section 13 leaves it to parliament to determine if electoral and lobbying laws should fall within the jurisdiction of ICAC.

“We are calling on the Premier to immediately bring forward legislation to ensure that lobbying and electoral funding falls squarely within ICAC’s jurisdiction.

“Considering the Panel also recommended that ICAC’s educational and prevention functions should be widened, the Premier needs to back this recommendation with additional resources.

“The people of NSW deserve a strong, independent corruption fighting body. This report demonstrates the importance of a broad jurisdiction for the corruption commission. The Greens will work to ensure the government follows through on its commitment to support all the recommendations,” said Mr Parker.

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For further comment from Jamie Parker: 0413 581 603 (Lesa de Leau)

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