Thank you to everyone who has fought with us to keep the Greyhound racing track at Wentworth Park off limits from developers.

After a great deal of work, the Premier committed to ensure Wentworth Park would be retained for sporting and community facilities only.

Banning greyhound racing in NSW is a win for animal welfare and provides an opportunity to deal with the huge under supply of sporting facilities in our local area.

This decision comes after a strong campaign for more sporting facilities by inner west sporting clubs and groups like Spaces to Play.

I've been working on this issue with local clubs and in February this year I convened a meeting between the Minister for Planning, CEO of UrbanGrowth NSW, Councils and inner west sporting clubs to press the issue.

I’m delighted that we now have an opportunity to help meet the needs of local community clubs. It’s important that this site be transferred to the City of Sydney so they can undertake the care, control and management of this important facility.

I look forward to working with the government, City of Sydney and local sporting clubs to progress the transition plan for Wentworth Park when racing ends on July 1 2017.

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