Harbour must not be ruined - Fight For Our Foreshore

September 1, 2010 INNER WEST COURIER
The Inner West Courier today launches a campaign in support of rapidly growing community concern over the Barangaroo development on Sydney's precious harbour foreshore.

More people are turning out to oppose this monumental project, launched by the Labor Government with strong support from Premier Kristina Keneally.

Protesters are concerned their warnings are not being heard and the voice of the community is not being respected. This newspaper shares their concerns.

They are desperately worried the electorally doomed Keneally Government will push through this project during its remaining time in power.

It's not just the communities of Pyrmont and Balmain, both of which are directly adjacent to this massive overdevelopment, who are carrying the placards. Notable Sydneysiders, desperate for sensible development on this landmark harbour site, have joined their ranks.

They include Barry O'Keefe, Jack Mundey, Jamie Parker, Genia McCaffery, and John McInerney.

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