Imminent Decision on Bulwara Road

Decision on the huge Works Zone in Bulwara Road Ultimo will be made by the 2nd of February. 

Recently I attended a meeting of the Cycling and Traffic Calming Committee (LPCTCC) along with the three other voting members from RMS, Police and the City of Sydney and the builder of the Bulwara Road works site.

This meeting was to discuss the proposed “solutions” to address the concerns of local residents about the Bulwara Road works zone.

I believe that community consultation is vital when making decisions that affect residents which is why I urged members of the committee to not make any decision without allowing residents to have their say about the proposals.

The proposals are as follows:

  • Use of the proposed Works Zone in Bulwara Road be limited to vehicles up to 9 metres in length;
  • Use of the proposed Works Zone in Bulwara Road be limited to the hours of 7.30am and 5.30pm, Monday to Friday only;
  • Use of the proposed Works Zone in Bulwara Road be reduced from 12 months to 9 months;
  • Excluding concrete pours, deliveries to the proposed Works Zone in Bulwara Road be restricted between 8:45am and 9.30am and 2.45pm and 3.30pm to limit conflict between heavy vehicles and school children walking to and from Ultimo Public School;
  • Wherever possible, Parkview will apply for a Road Occupancy Licence (ROL) from the Transport Management Centre (TMC) to extend the use of the Harris Street Works Zone beyond 3.30pmMonday to Friday, during concrete pours – the proposed Works Zone in Bulwara Road will be used as a back-up option for Parkview should the ROL not be supported by the TMC;
  • To safely manage potential conflict between heavy vehicles associated with the proposed Works Zone in Bulwara Road and other road users, Parkview will increase the number of RMS-Accredited Traffic Controllers from 3 to 9; and
  • Parkview will appoint a specialist Consultant to manage the ongoing concerns of local residents and businesses during the redevelopment of 485-521 Harris Street, Ultimo

If you are a local resident living in the vicinity of Bulwara Road, I urge you, please let your concerns be known. Please email me at [email protected], write to me at 112a Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037 or call 02 9660 7586 if you would like to speak to me directly. 

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