Light rail purchase – next steps ticket integration and Greenway

The government buying the light rail network is a victory for the local community and an opportunity for integrated public transport ticketing, according to Greens member for Balmain Jamie Parker.

"The Greens and the local community have campaigned long and hard to bring the light rail network in public hands – this decision by the government is a victory for the local community," Mr Parker said.

"I acknowledge the work of the Minister for Transport taking this positive step forward.

"The light rail passes through my electorate and can be much better utilised by local residents. Part of the problem is the lack of concession fares and ticket integration.

"Having taken ownership of the light rail network, the government now needs to take the next step and fully integrate the ticketing with the broader transport network.

"Limited MyZone ticketing was introduced to the light rail network last year and patronage increased by 25 per cent.

"A fully integrated ticketing system, including concession fares, would greatly increase light rail use and help reduce congestion on our roads.

"This decision should also pave the way for government funding of the Greenway alongside the light rail line.

"Barry O'Farrell can deliver for the Balmain area where Labor failed for so long, by delivering a fully functioning light rail network," Mr Parker said.

Media contact: Jamie Parker - 9660 7586 or 0418 428 089

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