Light Rail for Parramatta Road

Imagine hopping on a fast, comfortable and quiet light rail service along Parramatta Road and into the CBD.

Light rail has the capacity to move up to twice as many people as a bus lane and is quieter and lower pollution than our current bus fleet.

While successive Labor and Liberal governments have underinvested in public transport, we have already delivered an extension of the light rail to Dulwich Hill and free travel for school kids.

A light rail for Parramatta Road would provide a faster, smarter route into the city and take cars off our roads.

Tell the Premier that our local area needs a light rail for Parramatta Rd by signing the petition. 

Dear Premier,

With our city growing and our roads clogged by traffic it is critical that we start investing in more light rail infrastructure. I call on the government to support extending the light rail service to Parramatta Road and Balmain.

Yours sincerely,

Who's signing

Matthew Kennedy
David Roche
Maria Bangura
Kenneth Yuen
Timothy Lester
Leon Saunders
Sean Sloan
Claire McIvor
Sandy Do
Andrew Walsh
Matthew Perkins
Pailey Wang
Yatin Moharana
Marlene Marinkovic
Stuart Hickson
diedre hokin
Benedict Carey
Richard Keech
Joanne Luff
David Hawkes
Pablo Berrutti
Craig Jewiss
Royden Irvine
Kris Spann
Roydon Ng
Katrina Drake
Liz McKenna
Nicola Gunn
Paul Desney
Alejandro Gomez

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