Light Rail for Parramatta Road

Tell the Premier we want world class public transport, not more toll roads.


More information on the Greens' light rail plans

Dear Premier,

With our city growing and our roads clogged by traffic it is critical that we start investing in more light rail infrastructure. I call on the government to support extending the light rail service to Parramatta Road and Balmain.

Yours sincerely,

Who's signing

Melinda Lyne
Alex Reed
Phyllis Bingham
Deborah Graham
Kealan Coleman
Alice Dixon
Jack Angus
Louis Elias
Trevor Jarrett
Magda Bishop
Mark Hooper
Joy Marr
Peter Bestel
Rebecca Sinclair
Carol Browne
Francesca Ryan
Richard Taylor
Sheree Strange
Sonia Crozier
Marie-Louise Herman
Christine Law
Karen Vegar
Roslyn Diffey
Graziella Caruso
Shane Forrest
Magda Hribar
Michaela Pogson
Elisabeth Dark
Cloe Fournier

Will you sign?