Lilyfield Cycleway Proposal

Lilyfield Cycleway

The Inner West Council want to build a two-way cycleway along Lilyfield Road.  Council’s proposal will have an enormously negative impact on our community:

  • Sections of Lilyfield Road will become one way, forcing traffic to spill onto local residential roads.
  • Local residents will lose 110 car parking spaces.
  • Motorists will be forced to alight from and unpack their vehicles while standing in bike lanes.

The Inner West Local Council Traffic Committee will make a decision on this proposal in March. 

Sign our petition today so we can take your concerns directly to the Committee, comprised of the Inner West Council, the Police and Roads and Maritime Services.

Tell the Local Traffic Committee that you don’t want this new, poorly planned and wasteful cycleway proposal.

To the Inner West Local Traffic Committee,

Your proposal for a two-way cycleway along Lilyfield Road poses significant safety risks for cyclists and local residents and will increase traffic significantly in local streets.

Considering Lilyfield Road already functions well as a bike route, it’s pointless to spend funds on a new cycleway without considering the enormous negative impact on our local streets.

I urge you to listen to feedback from your community and abandon this botched plan.


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    I’ve used that stretch for years as both a motorist & a cyclist – in my experience its current arrangement accommodates each just fine

    Any modication that reduces car access [& all the other negatives] seems pointless [& just plain dumb]
  • signed 2018-03-05 11:24:42 +1100
    Definitely against this, it will cause congestion around the childcare centers/schools, more issues with car parking and pose danger to the residents with increased bike traffic on Lilyfield Rd and increased car traffic on Balmain Rd.
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    I am very pro-cycling but this plan doesn’t work for residents, cyclists or motorists. Surely there must be a way that something can be built inside the line of the new Westconnex at the RRY? Or that the cycle lane can be rerouted to run down Brennan Street or Railway Parade?
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    Do not do this Lilyfield Road has already seen enough change spend money where really needed like the schools Hospitals- bring back Balmain hospital – providing services for the elderly and people who fall on hard times that need help !
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    As someone directly affected by this proposal (we live off Lilyfield Road near Le Montage) – this will make getting in and out of my place a nightmare! Traffic is already conjested not to mention the increase from the on/off one way sections along the road.

    In addition, what about all the traffic increase to the WestConnex dumping ground neaxt to Lilyfield light rail and the huge increase in enormous trucks?

    Surely it makes sense to HOLD OFF and build a real cycle way alongside westconnex in the same manner as they did when they built the M5. That is a really functional and safe bike road for the cyclists and cars. This is just another bandaid approach and has no long term benefits as the problem will still be there, for residents, cyclists and motorists.

    So annoyed!!!
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    Sign the petition: Lilyfiled Cycleway Proposal
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