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Council_rally.jpgLocal Greens joined community members from across NSW on Sunday 13 March 2016 to protest against the Liberal government’s proposal to force council mergers.  

The Premier has frequently argued that NSW should follow the example of Queensland and Victoria, where forced amalgamations took place in 2008 and 2009 respectively.

Greens MPs and councillors have been working continuously with their local communities to oppose this trashing of local democracy and local representation.

Representatives across the political spectrum addressed the crowd in Sydney's Hyde Park. There was unanimous opposition to the removal of citizens’ rights to engage in local decision making processes. The Baird government espouses its commitment to democratic practices while eroding opportunities for you to have your voice heard, when it comes to local planning matters.

I understand the concerns of many residents about the diminution of services if the councils are forced to amalgamate. We know that decisions based on economic rationalism don’t necessarily deliver the best social outcomes.

ABC News reported that former Queensland Labor government services minister Simon Finn, whose government oversaw the amalgamations in Queensland, and a former LNP local government minister David Crisafulli, who ordered the de-amalgamation of four of the merged councils have collaboratively written a report, warning of the potential “ungovernable” situations that could arise from the formation of uncohesive Councils. Click the link below to access the report.

ABC News - NSW council amalgamations: Baird Government urged to avoid Queensland merger mistakes

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