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Rally_18Nov15.jpgNovember 17, 2015
Premier Mike Baird is threatening NSW councils to amalgamate or else.

The Liberals want to silence "difficult" council that stand up for their residents against cost-shifting and over-development. But many councils are refusing to be bullied.

I encourage everyone who values local democracy and local representation to come and show support for your community:

Rally to Parliament House
Meet at Martin Place near Macquarie Street

The Labor mayors of Leichhardt, Ashfield and Marrickville have pushed merger plans through their councils after a secret meeting with the Liberal Local Government Minister. They are not even proposing a referendum. That means the community is not deciding whether its council continues to exist.

Independent modelling, and analysis of council amalgamations interstate and overseas, has demonstrated that average rates will rise and services to residents will be compromised.

Wednesday's rally, supported by Unions NSW and the Save Our Councils Coalition, is standing up for local democracy and the rights of communities that don't want their councils to be amalgamated.

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