Making the EV revolution work in the inner west

Over 1,300 local residents have now added their name to our petition calling for the government to make it easier for people without access to a garage or off-street parking to charge EVs on-street.

I’m preparing to meet with the Minister for Energy and Environment who’s already agreed to work with us to get charging right in the inner west.

Yesterday in NSW Parliament we made more progress by passing the Electric Vehicles (Revenue Arrangements) Bill 2021. This new law abolishes stamp duty on new electric vehicles and replaces it with a distance-related road user charge for EVs that will be imposed from 2027.

Greens MPs were able to win a number of key changes to the new law including:

  • Important privacy protections for EV users
  • Grace periods to allow EV drivers extra time to pay road-user charges before they are fined
  • Provisions to support people who may face financial hardship
  • Prohibition on the government privatising this revenue stream

The Parliament will be reviewing the new law in two years to make sure that it is working properly to encourage EV use.

We know that the upfront cost is a major deterrent for many people considering buying an EV.

Stamp duty exemptions will retrospectively be available for eligible vehicles from 1 September 2021 which could save EV purchasers up to $3,000.

I’m totally committed to making sure that the government’s electric vehicle strategy takes into account the unique needs of urban communities and provides plenty of incentives for people to take up an EV rather than a polluting fossil fuel vehicle.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported this important environmental and social initiative. 

21 October 2021

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