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Media Release: Community welcomes proposal knock back

Today’s announcement that the O’Farrell Government has rejected the proposal to sell Wentworth Park greyhound racetrack at Glebe comes as welcome news.

Greens Balmain MP Jamie Parker, whose electorate covers Wentworth Park, said:

“There was a strong and immediate response from local residents and community organisations that joined with me to urge rejection of this plan.

“With huge and increasing demand for sporting and open space in the local community, this proposal was sheer fantasy. Nonetheless, it highlighted the extent of the demands by developers.

“Questions still remain about the extent to which the concrete batching plant, Blackwattle Bay campus of Sydney Secondary College and the Sydney Fishmarkets will be included in future unsolicited proposals from developers.

“This entire process highlights major flaws in the unsolicited bids system. Developers need to consult with the community and not simply meet with Ministers to seek approvals.

“I am committed to facilitating genuine community involvement in a long-term vision for the Blackwattle Bay precinct,” Mr Parker said.

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