Media Release: Greens call for urgent corruption laws

Jamie Parker MP, the NSW Greens anti-corruption spokesperson says that the quashing of Ian Macdonald and John Maitland’s convictions today demonstrates just how complex it is to prosecute crimes of corruption, bribery and misconduct in NSW.


The Member for Balmain says:

“The community expects findings of corruption to be translated into jail time but without effective laws in NSW it is still possible for politicians and their mates to evade justice.

“The quashing of this verdict demonstrates yet again the woeful inadequacies of our outdated corruption laws.

“In NSW, corruption crimes are still primarily governed by ancient and outdated common law offences. We need new, modern and effective laws that clearly codify bribery, misconduct and corruption in public office so that ICAC’s findings can be translated into charges and convictions that stick.

“These changes are an essential step in restoring public confidence in government decision-making and democracy in NSW.

“New corruption laws were proposed by the ICAC in their submission to the ICAC Committee’s Inquiry into Prosecutions Arising from Independent Commission Against Corruption Investigations back in 2014.

“It’s unbelievable that the government has failed year after year to take up these important proposals from ICAC. 

“The court has ordered a retrial of these charges and every MP, regardless of their political persuasions, should be supporting that retrial,” he says.

Jamie Parker MP is available for interview

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