Media Release: WestConnex Modification will trash pedestrian experience

The RMS have released a modification to the approved design of the M4-M5 link MOD 2. This design impacts The Crescent in Annandale between Johnston St and the City West Link.


The modification changes many of the favourable urban design features of the original proposal by the addition of the new massive overpass. This modification is also at odds with the original promise of all the interchange being underground.

Comment from Jamie Parker MP:

“This modification prioritises motorists, trashing the experience of local pedestrians and making it harder for residents to access shrinking local greenspace.

“All the negative impacts of this proposal are driven by a decision from the RMS to focus exclusively on improved vehicle movements at the expense of local pedestrians and liveability.

“This modification is designed to deliver more revenue to private tollway companies and it demonstrates the incredible bias that the RMS has against pedestrians and cyclists. It is a perfect enunciation of this government’s worship of private motor vehicles and private tollway companies.

“Global experience of major toll road construction has demonstrated conclusively that projects like this encourage more car use and eventually fill the increased road capacity they claim to create.

“All the evidence suggests that this overpass won’t solve our congestion problem,” he says.

Residents are able to make a submission objecting to this modification by Wed 18 Sept 2019. 

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