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New ICAC legislation welcome but reform still needed

MEDIA RELEASE - September 8, 2015Five months after a High Court ruling jeopardised a number of high-profile corruption findings, the NSW Premier has introduced on Tuesday new legislation to confirm the powers of the Independent Commission Against Corruption. “It is clear that the ICAC retains strong public support in NSW and this legislation to define and restore ICAC’s powers could not be further delayed,” said Greens NSW anti-corruption spokesperson, Jamie Parker MP. 

Minister's directive to UrbanGrowth fails to address issues at heart of Newcastle transformation

MEDIA RELEASE - September 4, 2015 Speaking during a visit to Newcastle on Friday, Greens spokesperson for urban growth, Jamie Parker MP, said the differences between the consultation process for the Newcastle transformation project and Sydney’s Bays Precinct project were startling. “Over the past twelve months in relation to Bays Precinct, I have personally attended a number of discovery days, workshops, forums and most significantly, an international summit held over two days with urban transformation specialists from around Australia and overseas,” said Mr Parker. “The Premier even set the scene by declaring Bays Precinct a “complete and utter blank canvas”. “Yet the consultation process undertaken by UrbanGrowth NSW for their Newcastle project seems to be more about forcing through a predetermined plan to tear up the intercity rail to benefit developers.

Parliament backs Greens MP on Bays Precinct principles

MEDIA RELEASE - August 27, 2015 Parliament on Thursday backed the Member for Balmain’s motion* about Bays Precinct with consensus support from MPs of all political stripes. “Bays Precinct is a matter of serious interest and concern for many people in my electorate, and has been for more than a decade,” said Jamie Parker MP, Greens spokesperson on Urban Growth. “I am encouraged by the unanimous agreement from government, opposition and independent members of parliament. I wanted all MPs to be aware of the significance of this large area of publicly owned land, as well as committing to a number of key principles in the long-term public interest.

AGL acknowledges corrosive influence of “big business” donations

MEDIA RELEASE - August 26, 2016In a statement issued on Wednesday, AGL recognise “that the community perception is [political donations] may constitute undue influence from ‘big business’ on government.” Greens anti-corruption spokesperson, Jamie Parker MP, said it was a significant announcement by AGL that the company will no longer make political donations.“Corporate donations have a corrosive influence on democracy and undermine confidence in the political system. It is particularly the case in the mining and resource sector where decisions of government determine the success of failure of major resource projects,” said Mr Parker.  

Greens welcome report of ICAC review panel but concerns remain

MEDIA RELEASE - August 11, 2015Today’s response from the Premier to the report of the Independent Panel – Review of the Jurisdiction of  the  Independent  Commission  Against  Corruption is recognition of the critical role that a strong corruption fighting body has in cleaning up NSW.Jamie Parker MP, Greens spokesperson on anti-corruption, welcomed the report and recommendations. However concern remains that Recommendation 1: Section 8(b) fails to include specific reference to the Planning and Assessment Act.“Whilst the panel’s recommendations are positive and reflect the importance of a broad mandate for the Independent Commission Against Corruption [ICAC], it is concerning there is no provision within the definition of corrupt conduct for fraud in relation to planning and development matters,” said Mr Parker. 

MEDIA ALERT: Protest the EPA rally 12:45pm 13 October

Jamie Parker MP will be holding a public rally in the lunch break of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Performance of the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA).  WHEN: 12.45pm Monday 13 October 2014LOCATION: Macquarie Street, outside NSW Parliament House

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