The NSW Ministry of Health has announced that Sydney Local Health District will liaise with the community on opportunities for step down mental health provision at Callan Park.

Jamie Parker MP for Balmain will be discussing the matter with the  Department of Health this week.  

Commenting on the announcement, Jamie Parker MP for Balmain says:

“Our community understands that the moral heart of Callan Park is mental health and welcomes the opportunity to support people working towards recovery.

“Our Community welcomes additional mental health services and has a proud history of advocacy in this neglected area of health services..

“Community consultation for the Callan Park Master Plan saw near unanimous support for mental health facilities to be retained and enhanced at Callan Park.

“After twenty years spent fending off attempts by successive Labor and Liberal governments to develop, sell-off and commercialise this remarkable site, it’s encouraging to see the government is finally starting to examine to plans that this community actually supports. 

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