Much loved venue faces final curtain

Archway 1 Theatre


MEDIA RELEASE - December 7, 2015
For ten years the Archway 1 Theatre Company and Art Studio has been operating from beneath the heritage-listed light rail viaduct in Annandale. Since 2012 the theatre has staged performances ranging from Satre and Orwell, as well as providing dance and acting classes. Archway 1 has been a bastion of our community’s arts scene.

But plans by the City of Sydney to redevelop the surrounding parklands and open up the viaduct mean Archway 1 now faces eviction. In a particularly cynical move, the City has issued the order to vacate for the day before a widely advertised public rally.

“It is disappointing that the City of Sydney is not respecting the enormous contribution this organisation has played and realise the benefit it brings to the whole community,” says Greens MP Jamie Parker, Member for Balmain.

"With over a decade at the location, and a theatre operating there since 2012, the artist-run, non-profit Archway 1 is a powerful example of both community theatre and a community hub.

“As well as staging theatre, Archway 1 runs an education program and encourages filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, performance artists and fashion designers to use its creative space.

“It is clear there is strong community opposition to the imminent eviction. People want to see performing arts continue in the Inner West.

“If Archway 1 must vacate the viaduct, a suitable alternative venue needs to be found so they can continue as a genuine artistic hub. While the Master Plan provides many excellent sporting and recreational facilities, it must also ensure the unique cultural framework of our community remains,” said Mr Parker.

Jamie Parker MP will be speaking at a public rally to save Archway1. Other speakers include social/political analyst Eva Cox and actor/writer/director Celia Finter.

2.30pm, Saturday 12 December

The Archway, 1 Chapman Road, Annandale

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