New ICAC legislation welcome but reform still needed

Jamie_Parker_ICAC_mr_08Sep15_clip.jpgMEDIA RELEASE - September 8, 2015
Five months after a High Court ruling jeopardised a number of high-profile corruption findings, the NSW Premier has introduced on Tuesday new legislation to confirm the powers of the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

“It is clear that the ICAC retains strong public support in NSW and this legislation to define and restore ICAC’s powers could not be further delayed,” said Greens NSW anti-corruption spokesperson, Jamie Parker MP. 

“I congratulate the Premier for bringing forward the bill which reflects the recommendations from the expert panel. The ICAC can now continue to shine a light into the dark corners of corrupt conduct in this State, as well as proceeding with its findings from the Spicer and Credo investigations.

“However I have previously called for the new legislation to include a provision within the definition of corrupt conduct for fraud in relation to planning and development matters.

“In light of the tainted history of planning and development decisions in NSW, it is necessary to restore community confidence in the integrity of the planning system at both the state and local levels.

“The community remains disgusted with the alleged rorting of political donations that was exposed in the ICAC hearings over twelve months ago. There is a political ecosystem in NSW where politicians and vested interests are highly interdependent, and often planning decisions are compromised in the process,” said Mr Parker.

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The text of the bill is here 

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