New trees for Annandale

Trees bring so much to our local area. They cool our suburbs, provide much-needed wildlife habitat, filter urban pollutants, and help to mitigate the impacts of climate change. 

I was so appalled that the government removed hundreds of healthy trees as part of WestConnex to make way for a pedestrian and cycling bridge on Brenan Street between Railway Parade and White Street - the 'Whites Creek Link'.  

Our community campaign was able to save some of the trees from being ripped out and we've recently been notified that replanting is planned to start next month. 

For the past year, we’ve been negotiating with WestConnex, the Inner West Council and Crown Lands who own the site together. We now have all the approvals needed for this replanting work to start before the growing season.

Thank you to the 150 people who came to our public meeting in November 2019 and the 300 people who signed our petition. I also want to thank the residents who've been working with my office to review the landscape plans and provide feedback on behalf of the community.

Without that pressure this site would likely have become an ecological wasteland.

The plans that have been developed aim to recreate endemic ecological landscapes that provide a habitat corridor for native animals, increase foliage by 50% over the next decade, minimise herbicide use, and screen the new pedestrian bridge.

I’m committed to protecting our local environment and will continue to do everything possible to minimise the impact of WestConnex on our local community.

Thank you again to everyone who supported our campaign to protect and restore this precious part of our community.

While it's not the exact result we wanted I'm pleased that we have been able to make such a positive impact.

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