Nuclear South Wales? Public meeting to oppose O’Farrell’s uranium push

Greens NSW uranium spokesperson Jamie Parker MP is working with anti-uranium campaigners to mobilise a broad-based movement against the Liberal government’s plans to explore for uranium in NSW.

Mr Parker will speak at a public meeting next Thursday 16 August and will later facilitate intensive activist training workshops to develop a community campaign to oppose the start of uranium exploration and mining in NSW.

"The Liberal government is forcing its uranium agenda on the people of NSW with complete disregard for the industry's devastating health, environmental and social impacts on workers and communities," Mr Parker said.

"The NSW government overturned the 26-year moratorium on uranium exploration without any public consultation. We need to ensure the community has its say on this dangerous industry which has already had terrible impacts on communities across Australia.

"The government claims this is about exploration, not mining, however it is deceiving the NSW public if it claims it does not plan to eventually mine for uranium. Why would anyone explore for uranium without the intent to mine?

"I am calling for a comprehensive independent inquiry into the impacts and implications of uranium exploration and mining. The government must be transparent about this industry and how it will affect the people of NSW," Mr Parker said.
Public meeting: Nuclear South Wales? Resisting O'Farrell's uranium push
6-8pm Thu 16 August 2012
Tom Mann Theatre, 136 Chalmers St, Surry Hills.

Jamie Parker MP – Greens NSW Uranium spokesperson
Luke Foley MLC – NSW Shadow Minister for the Environment
Arthur Rorris – South Coast Labour Council Secretary
Peter Watts – Arabana Man from South Australia.
Chair: Rita Mallia – NSW President, CFMEU Construction and General Division
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More information: Alison Martin 9660 7586 or 0432 941 533

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