One Degree Of Change - Saving Our Planet Is Up To Every One Of Us (Inner West Courier)

Program to save water, energy. Canada Bay and Leichhardt councils will join Sydney Water in a partnership program aimed at improving water and energy efficiencies for local businesses. The Inner West councils have received joint funding of $110,000 from Sydney Water to undertake a pilot partnership program. 

Twenty-five businesses in the two council areas will undergo an environmental audit of their operations.

A dedicated project officer will work with them to reduce their water and energy consumption and review waste generation. "Working with Sydney Water on a program such as this reflects council's commitment to achieving a sustainable and environmentally friendly city," Canada Bay mayor Angelo Tsirekas said.

Leichhardt mayor Jamie Parker agreed: "This sustainability partnership is very important in helping businesses to save water and electricity, reduce waste and actually save them money in water , power and waste disposal costs."

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