Let's fix light rail overcrowding

The government has failed to increase services and carriages are now unacceptably overcrowded. It’s uncomfortable and could be dangerous.


Recently we had a big win -  after letters from local residents, meetings with the Transport Minister’s office and questions in Parliament, the government has agreed to increase services on the Inner West Line to address overcrowding.

But there's still more to do.

Please join me in calling on the government to invest in a long-term fix for overcrowding on the light rail:

Dear Transport Minister,

Please take urgent action and increase services to fix the chronic and unacceptable overcrowding on our light rail.


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    When I lived in Harold Park, there was no point in attempting to get the tram at Jubilee Park between 08:15 and 09:00 during the week. It was always too rammed.
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    Eloise Mounsey
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    Given the recent developments near Old Canterbury Road and Railway Terrace, Lewisham in particular, and other developments along the light rail corridor, it is fairly evident that there would be greater patronage of the light rail service. And, lo and behold, that has occurred. Fairly foreseeable really. But where is the matching increase in capacity? We now have jam-packed carriages. Good that the service is popular. Not so good that it is over-packed. More light rail vehicles please.

    Oh no, don’t tell me that if we run more vehicles, then we have no where to “store” them at each end while the one ahead turns around. If that is the case, then we have a(nother) brilliant example of a lack of foresight, planning and co-ordination.

    Fairly sure that we can turn a light rail vehicle around faster than we do at present. Try running 2 “nose-to-tail” with shorter headways in peak periods. Intelligent vehicle technology can stop them running into each other. Just a thought.
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    Dreadful conditions experienced. Totally packed during rush periods – seats taken from Marion to Central. and for most of the return journey from Central. Weekends are now getting worse. Very dangerous. A lot of blame must be put at the feet of rampant, uncontrolled development of apartment blocks at Lewisham with Arlington yet to be occupied and both adjacent to light Rail stations.
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    Tuesday Morning 13/2/18 8.05am at Waratah Mills – light rail already crowded and no seats available (and it’s only the 4th stop on the line!). By Hawthorne nobody could even get on the light rail! This is a total joke! Passengers need to know that they can get to work & school on time.

    At $3.58 each way, it’s more expensive than trains & buses, therefore we should be getting better service.

    Minister Constance, stop giving ferries stupid names & give the people (your employers) better public transport!
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    Stop making life impossible for Sydneysiders with more cars/roads and make this a modern, liveable city with great public transport. They “got this” in Europe decades ago……. Are our politicians stupid, or simply looking after the developers that fund them?
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    I would use a ferry if there were an option – anything to get off the congested roads and enjoy our beautiful harbor!