Let's fix light rail overcrowding

 Light rail patronage has surged 260% since 2014. The government has failed to increase services and carriages are now unacceptably overcrowded.


Glebe and Wentworth Park are already at crush capacity during the morning peak. Commuters are packed like sardines on peak hour services and residents in Glebe and Annandale often can’t even get on.

The government’s own data is showing a noticeable downturn in customer experience.

Join me in calling on the Transport Minister to fix light rail overcrowding by: 

  • Fast-tracking the purchase of four new trams 
  • Lay an extra track near Dulwich Hill to speed up turnarounds

Dear Transport Minister,

Please take urgent action and increase the frequency of light rail services fast-tracking the purchase of four new trams for the inner west line and laying an extra track near Dulwich Hill to speed up turnarounds. 


Will you sign?