Channel 9 News last night revealed that the State government is getting ready to bulldoze another chunk of homes in the Inner West – news which came as a surprise to the people currently living in them.

Watch the news report here


Home owners and residents living in Victoria Road had no indication their homes were to be acquired and demolished until the government’s secret plans were revealed in a TV news report yesterday evening. Once the news broke, a hastily-written letter was delivered to them from Sydney Motorway Corporation late last night regarding ‘possible impact’ to their properties.

“This is a disgrace. The shock and upset caused by residents finding out they are soon to be evicted and their homes destroyed via a TV news report is hardly in line with Mike Baird’s stated promise to improve the home acquisition process to make it more compassionate,” said Jamie Parker, Greens MP for Balmain.

“I’m working with affected residents and providing them with advice and support during this very distressing time.”

“Many property owners across the Inner West are being offered compensation at well below the market value of their properties, and then charged thousands of dollars in rent while they dispute these valuations.”

“As well as being a ludicrous waste of public funds, inefficient, wasteful, and environmentally destructive, the WestConnex project is having a devastating effect on the lives of many Inner West residents, both emotionally and financially.”

“This latest news shows the WestConnex destruction of Rozelle continues with another tunnel destroying homes, businesses and the underground reserved metro rail corridor. The WestConnex project should be scrapped and funds instead invested in public transport.

More information Jamie Parker MP: 0418 428 089

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