Short-sighted government prioritises roads over light rail expansion

Greens MP Jamie Parker has condemned the move by Sydney Ports to rip up about 500 metres of rail track in White Bay, which will undermine the future expansion of light rail to the precinct.

"This is another example of a short-sighted government prioritising roads over the development of long term public transport solutions to serve our growing population," Mr Parker said.

"For a government that claims to be committed to public transport, it's appalling that existing rail lines are being torn up, seriously undermining the future expansion of light rail into White Bay and Balmain.

"As with the overambitious and unnecessary M4 East plan for an $8 billion 8-lane motorway under Parramatta road, this type of planning will ultimately increase congestion instead of reducing it by committing to public transport.

"The government needs to be planning for the long term transport needs of our city, not undermining future public transport options", Mr Parker said.

Residents angry as Sydney Ports rips up tracks (SMH)

Rail corridor at White Bay rippped up (Inner West Courier)

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