Thousands petition NSW Parliament to oppose uranium exploration and mining

NSW Parliament today received a petition of over 2,000 people opposing uranium exploration and mining in NSW and calling on the government to maintain the ban on uranium mining and to hold an open and transparent inquiry into uranium mining in NSW.

Greens MP and uranium spokesperson Jamie Parker said:

“The petitioners have told the Liberal government loud and clear: uranium exploration and mining must not be allowed in NSW.

“This is a hugely damaging industry with a long and well-documented history of safety breaches, dangerous leaks and failed attempts at rehabilitation.

“Labor and Liberal governments in Australia are legislating to allow uranium exploration and mining, placing local communities at risk while increasing the threat of nuclear proliferation and disasters overseas.

“This is even more alarming considering Federal Labor’s decision to export uranium to India, a country which has not signed the nuclear non-proliferation treaty.

“Exploration inevitably leads to mining and all the dangers and health hazards that involves – we must stop this damaging industry now, before it expands even further.

“We should be working toward a clean energy future and investing in renewables, instead of fostering this dangerous and unnecessary industry which will leave a lasting radioactive legacy for future generations.” Mr Parker said.

Sign the petition to keep NSW uranium free

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