Update on the Nutrimetics site redevelopment, Elliott St Balmain

Greens MP Jamie Parker is calling for community feedback on the Nutrimetics site redevelopment in Elliott St, Balmain.

Mr Parker highlighted the concerns of residents with both Leichhardt Council and the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP - the panel with approval responsibility for the site).

"The proposal to develop the Nutrimetics site in Elliott Street was of inappropriate bulk and scale and would have created a wall of development almost 70 metres wide and four stories high when viewed from the harbour," Mr Parker said.

"This would have led to significant impacts on views, traffic, parking and the general amenity of our community.

"The development proposal has now been rejected by the JRPP, however this is just the beginning. This is a fantastic site with great potential so we must ensure that an appropriate plan is formulated and the best outcome is achieved, incorporating community needs as well as the objectives of the owner.

"I successfully gained support from Leichhardt Council for a commitment that Council will contact the owners of this site to develop a planning proposal which addresses the issues raised by residents. I encourage you to be a part of this important process of determining the future of Balmain," Mr Parker said.

Please provide your feedback in the comments section below or by calling 9660 7586.

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