A Ferry for West Balmain

With congestion increasing throughout the Inner West, we need to look to transport solutions that will take traffic off our roads. Let's bring back ferry services to Elliott Street. 

Back in 2013, the government closed the ferry wharf at the end of Elliott Street claiming that it was under used. With more developments, residents and cars in the area, demand for a fast, efficient and green route into the city is on the rise.

Sign our petition to tell the Premier to bring ferry services back to the Elliott Street wharf.

Dear Premier,

With more and more congestion on our roads, our community needs fast, efficient and clean routes into the city. 

Please re-open the wharf at Elliott Street and reinstate ferry services to West Balmain.

Who's signing

Melinda Lyne
Frances Doull
Desmond Bowden
Rebecca Nash
Sophie Kerr
Denise Medley
Sharron Kennedy
Alex Reed
David Hudson
Fay Briggs
Christina Smith
Fay Jenkins
Kealan Coleman
Angela Hill
Tina Bernard
David Lloyd
Lesley Luck
Lewis Allen
Ann Burleigh
Philip Giles
Kathryn MacDonald
Pauline Thomas
Natasha Hodgson
Lynn Patterson
Annie Goodrich
Richard Goodrich
Mathew Linnett
Claire Linnett

Will you sign?