WestConnex stage 3 design released

The Premier and the Minister for WestConnex have released the design concept for the M4-M5 link, the third stage of WestConnex. What will this mean for our area?

Firstly, the design document released today confirms that the exhaust stacks planned in Rozelle at the end the of Iron Cove Bridge and at the rail yards will not be filtered. Neither will the stacks at St Peters or at Haberfield. 

This is very concerning. There are countless studies that demonstrate the impact of vehicle pollution on our health. 

The government announced that they've identified a mid-point tunnel site near the corner of Pyrmont Bridge Road and Parramatta Road, near King Storage in addition to their site at Darley Road, Leichhardt.

This mid-point tunnel site will run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with trucks driving in and out for eleven hours a day every weekday as well as on Saturdays. Fifty or sixty trucks of dirt and rubble will be driving in and out of these locations, leading to unacceptable noise and disruption.

The government also announced today that they are selling 51% of the Sydney Motorway Corporation, the company they set up to build WestConnex.

The most likely buyer is Transurban - whose senior adviser is Nick Greiner, former Chairman of Infrastructure NSW and one of the original proponents of WestConnex.

I'm very disappointed with the government's announcement today. The entire concept design needs to be scrapped, along with stage three of this giant white elephant of a tollway. The government should instead be investing taxpayer's money into world class public transport. 

Please join me in making the voice of the community heard. Watch and share my video on Facebook here.

You can also sign our joint submission to the Sydney Motorway Corporation here.

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  • Robert Rahilly
    commented 2017-05-30 08:40:06 +1000
  • Sally Lloyd
    commented 2017-05-26 17:49:33 +1000
    Before the project has left the corrupt drawing board it’s being sold. How can something be sold before it’s finished (apartments excluded).

    WestConnex corruption reaches a new level. Unfiltered extraction stacks in Rozelle close to a primary school and residential buildings.
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