Clean air for White Bay

Each year over 100 ships berth at White Bay Cruise terminal. These ships run their engines 24/7 burning dirty and dangerous diesel fuel just metres from homes, schools and playgrounds. 

Because of Australia's poor air quality standards, these ships are allowed to burn low quality fuel that is high in sulfur, full of heavy metals and a serious pollutant when burned. 

To prevent cruise ship pollution, a huge number of global port cities are installing shore to ship power. This allows ships to plug in to the electricity grid and turn off their engines while at berth. 

But without shore power in Sydney, the cruise ship industry is sending their oldest, dirtiest and most polluting ships here.  

Sign the petition to tell the government we need shore power and clean air for White Bay. 

To the Minister Transport and Roads,

Cruise ships at the White Bay Cruise Terminal burn dangerous sulphur diesel fuel within metres of homes, putting the local community at risk of health problems including asthma and heart disease.

Shore to ship power is the only long term solution to this problem. We call on the Government to urgently implement shore to ship power and require cruise ships to turn off their engines whilst berthed at White Bay.


Will you sign?