Stop the Western Harbour Tunnel

Leaked government documents have revealed White Bay has been identified as the main construction site for the Western Harbour Tunnel with massive impacts on local residents. 

The documents reveal that White Bay will be used for:

  • A casting plant to fabricate the large concrete sections used in the undersea tunnels; and
  • A dumping ground for toxic sediment to be dredged from the harbour.

Noise impact on local residents

Residents in Balmain, Pyrmont and Rozelle will be exposed to heavy, long-term construction noise for up to 12 hours per day. A noise-modelling map featured in the documents shows the suburbs of Balmain, Pyrmont and Rozelle face "noticeable" impact from the casting plant.

The document also reveals that the noise will be so bad that residents worst affected by the noise may be relocated or "bought out" by the government.


ABC News


Toxic dumping ground

The documents also reveal plans to build a massive toxic waste dump on the White Bay site.

Over half-a-million cubic metres of contaminated sediment is to be excavated by dredging teams, most of it around White Bay. Contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides and dioxins, the sediment will be dumped temporarily in White Bay.


Contamination risks

Dredging at Birchgrove could also create a “plume” of turbid, contaminated water. Thermal maps contained in the document illustrate the potential spread of plumes through popular waterfront areas.

Recreational harbour users expected to be impacted by the plume which will impact the look and cleanliness of the harbour.

ABC News


What you can do

I’ve written to the Minister for Roads requesting an urgent meeting with a delegation of local residents. Now I need your help to show the Minister that our community doesn’t want this construction site.

Sign our petition to tell the Minister for Roads that our community doesn’t want a massive waste dump and construction site at White Bay. The government should be examining other locations.


To the Minister for Roads, 

Our community doesn’t want a massive waste dump and construction site at White Bay. The noise, vibration and contamination are set to have a massive impact on our local area.  

The government needs to go back to the drawing board and rethink this proposal. 


Who's signing

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