Stop overdevelopment in Balmain

Successive Labor and Liberal governments have promised to deliver a strategic plan for the future of the Bays Precinct.

But in addition to the White Bay Cruise Terminal, there are now numerous ad hoc developments being pushed independently of one another without any consideration of their cumulative impact on our local area or wider Sydney.

These proposals will bring more congestion, noise and pollution to our local area and threaten our precious harbour waters.

The influence of developers on Labor and the Liberals, as exposed by ICAC, shows why we need to keep independent representatives in our parliament to deliver genuine strategic vision, not short-sighted schemes that favour vested interests.

Tell the Premier that you want to protect the liveability of our local area. 

Dear Premier, 

Our community wants a genuine strategic vision for White Bay not more ad hoc developments, congestion and pollution. 

Will you sign?