Save Writing NSW

Australian authors and writers tell the story of our country, enriching our lives through words, books and poetry.

But Writing NSW - our state’s peak body for writers - has just been told that the NSW Government will cut 100% of its on-going funding at the end of this year.

This could destroy Writing NSW and everything they do to promote Australian authors and local literature.

All arts and culture organisations are already chronically undervalued and underfunded but literature receives just 5% of our state’s ongoing arts funding.

Tell the Minister for Arts that Writing NSW is too important to the writing culture of our state for us to allow it to be destroyed.

To the Minister for the Arts, Don Harwin - 

Writing NSW is an essential and effective organisation that supports upcoming early-career writers and ensures a diverse range of stories are told.

Despite a NSW literature board recommendation that your government should continue the ongoing funding of Writing NSW, you have cut all of their annual funding.

I call on you to restore on-going funding to Writing NSW to stop this vital organisation from being destroyed.

Who's signing

Maria Bangura
Shannon Anima
Norman Neill
Steve Wheatley
Kezia Littlemore
Marcus Annett
Spencer Barberis
Melanie Elron
Lily Peschardt
Xenia Iona
Erin Latimer
Joelle Patten
Vanessa Sutton
Maria Nugent
Leigh Briar
Adam Geczy
Nicholas O'Dwyer
Craig Burtenshaw
Angela Rheinlaender
Jenny Curtis
Lucienne Cassidy
Kishani Ratnayake
Susan Braun
Ainslie Toombs
Chloe Baird
Tom Vouden
Shay Keats
Virginia Duigan
Hannah-Rose Carr
Giselle Weber

Will you sign?