A great win for light rail

JPonLRStudents.jpgApril 1, 2016
Today it was announced that free travel for school students to and from school has been extended to include light rail. Finally!

This is great news for all of the students and parents who have been working so hard to achieve this policy change.  

Students and parents will be able to apply online for the School Opal card for travel on the light rail from 1 July this year with travel available from the start of the 3rd term.
Pictured: Earlier Inner West Courier article from Feb 9 2016.

It was manifestly unfair that students could use the scheme on every other public transport service but not light rail. 

This win is a testament to the tenacity and passion of the school community who have shown that they can make a real difference. 

I'm particularly proud of the students who collected over 1000 petition signatures and the student leaders who worked closely with my office to lobby the NSW government.

On a personal level, it has been inspiring to work with students and parents over several years on this campaign and see such a positive result.

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