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The NSW Labor and Liberal parties have been riddled with corruption, corporate donations and influence peddling for years.

Jamie Parker stands for something different. 

He represents a strong, independent voice campaigning for what really matters - corruption-free government, a safe environment, support for the disadvantaged, and protection of our human rights.

He has a long track record as a powerful advocate for the local community, having served 12 years on Leichhardt council including two terms as Mayor. 

He’s an effective and experienced parliamentarian who’s been getting results for the people and the environment of Balmain since 2011.

Jamie believes in putting local residents first to ensure our communities are sustainable and liveable. He stands up for strong public transport, affordable housing, excellence in public education, support for small businesses and renewable energy.

Jamie’s Biography:

Jamie’s parents immigrated to Australia in the mid-1960s from England, where his father was a merchant sailor working in the engine room. His mother was born and bred in Liverpool where her father was a dock worker. When the family arrived in Australia, Jamie’s father got a job as a fitter in the Balmain shipyards.

Jamie is a proud product of public education, holding an undergraduate degree in Economics from Macquarie University and a Masters degree in Economics (Political Economy) from the University of Sydney.

Jamie spent time studying at Thammasat University in Thailand and has a particular interest in Burma. He is a founding member of the Australian Coalition for Democracy in Burma, speaks conversational Burmese and has travelled extensively throughout the country and the region. 

Jamie says:

Early into my term as the Member for Balmain, a woman walked into my office with a box of wriggling, live termites. They had fallen through a hole in the ceiling of her public housing unit that morning, which had been suffering from an infestation for months. Attempts by Housing NSW to fix the problem had not worked, and she was desperate for help, although in good humour.

She had tried for a long time to get the issue fixed, but we got on the case and her house was repaired. I often think about her, and all the other people I’ve worked with over the past six years. I’m inspired every day by the wonderful people of our local area, and it’s a privilege to work alongside you.

Like me, I believe the people of this area want a state that supports our vulnerable people, finds world class transport solutions to help us get where we need to go and protects what's special about our local area. Together, I'm convinced we can make this happen and build a great future for everyone.

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