Differences in educational outcomes should not be the result of difference in wealth, income, power, possessions or location. Free, quality education is central to a fair and prosperous society. This means tackling overcrowding, delivering better funding to schools and reversing the Liberals gutting of TAFE.

Read the Greens policy on education here

Reverse funding cuts to TAFE and protect TAFE funds from being tendered to the private sector. Work to expand Sydney Secondary College, build a new local primary school to reduce overcrowding and create more local childcare spaces.

Where you live, or how much money you earn, shouldn’t decide how well you get looked after when you are sick. I oppose privatisation of hospitals and support improved nurse to patient ratios plus greater investment in preventative health programs.

Read the Greens policy on health here

Provide additional paediatric services at RPAH and return mental health services to Callan Park.

Community sector workers are our unsung local heroes. I have already delivered almost $1m in grants funding for community services. But to be effective, community organisations need increased long-term funding and must not be pitted against each other in ‘contestable funding’ tenders.

Deliver increased funding for community services including local schools, environment projects, sporting clubs, women’s refuges and childcare centres.

Australians are caring people. We want a society that creates time and space for people to care for one another, animals and our planet. I support a treaty with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and have a vision for a multicultural society that embraces refugees. I stand with the LGBTQIA+ community in their fight for equality and inclusion and believe in championing the ethical treatment of animals.

Read the Greens policy on multiculturalism here, animal welfare hereand sex, sexuality and gender equality here

Defend the most vulnerable in our society and build a caring community that values diversity and difference.

Many of our iconic arts spaces and the integrity of artists’ work are under threat from over development and funding cuts. We must preserve the artistic character and heritage of our local area and provide better support for the local arts community, especially young and emerging artists.

Read the Greens policy on arts and creative industries here

Deliver grants to local artists and work to transform empty and unoccupied buildings into studios and exhibition spaces.


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