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The Glebe Youth Service (GYS) fulfils an invaluable role in the Glebe community, promoting social cohesion, encouraging young leaders and creating a safe and supportive space.
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With over 90% of service users identifying as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, GYS has a profound impact on young people and the wider community, making a powerful difference through a range of programs including a drop in centre, free meals, education programs, crime aversion programs and counselling.

GYS has been shut out of its Glebe Point Road premises as a result of an adverse fire safety report. This closure has already had serious impacts on the community, removing vital services without notice or consultation. There are strong concerns this is the first step in selling off the building and evicting GYS altogether.

The premises at 84 Glebe Point Road is ideally located and resourced to be a central hub and home to GYS.

Unless we mobilise a strong community campaign, it's likely GYS will never be returned to 84 Glebe Point Road.

Help up put pressure on the government to act: write to the Minister for Family and Community Services requesting a guarantee that GYS will be returned to 84 Glebe Point Road following the completion of required safety and maintenance work.

Click through for a recent article on this situation in the Inner West Courier:
Residents rally to save youth service

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