Afforadable Housing

Jamie is a strong supporter of public and affordable housing and he will continue to stand up on behalf of residents to fight for:

  • Public housing to be kept in public hands: no more sell-offs.
  • Improved maintenance: getting your home fixed faster.
  • Increased investment in public housing, significant increase to housing stock.
  • Better care and support for tenants.
  • More affordable housing, especially for workers in key services: teachers, nurses, police officers.

Sydney is facing a severe housing affordability crisis. Many families and individuals struggle to afford housing that is suitable, safe and secure, in areas close to their work and social contacts. Many others are struggling to find any affordable or suitable housing anywhere.

The former Labor government chronically underfunded public housing maintenance which has paved the way for the current Liberal government to financially justify the priviatisation of public assets like these properties, with devastating impacts for the community. 

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