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Our local area desperately needs a new primary school to address overcrowding. We must also prioritise resourcing existing public schools and restore TAFE funding. A strong public education system is key to investing in the next generation and building a fair, successful and cohesive society.

The Inner West has experienced an unprecedented baby boom in recent years and we are in urgent need of a plan to address this ongoing growth. Population density of children aged 0-4 in the Balmain electorate is 5 times higher than the state-wide average. 

This density will only increase. In the decade to 2011, there was a 26% growth in the number of children aged 0-14, compared to 5% growth Sydney-wide.   

Locally, this means our schools are overcrowded and our children do not have the funding, resources and learning space they need.

The Greens have a plan to increase local school space now, starting with Sydney Secondary School's Leichhardt Campus.

Sydney Secondary College’s Leichhardt campus enrolments have increased by 70% over the past 11 years – from 1200 students to 2100. 

We're calling on the State government to hand over adjacent disused land for the use of the school.


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