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After years of cost cutting, rising fees, privatised training and job losses, TAFE needs an urgent plan to safeguard its future. TAFE is being pushed to the brink by the current state Coalition government’s budget cuts and privatisation agenda. Combined with years of neglect under Labor, NSW is now looking at a future without TAFE.

Jamie will continue to fight for TAFE, and to call on the government to restore funding and reduce the pressure on students and teachers. TAFE students are being asked to pay more in order to receive less. Class sizes will rise, the ranges of courses will be reduced and time to help individual students will all but disappear. Cuts to fine arts courses will devastate the creative and culturally vibrant art scene of the Inner West.

We recognise the contribution of students, teachers, and the following organisations and their members in defending and supporting TAFE and supporting the values that it embodies: the New South Wales Teachers Federation, the Australian Education Union and the Public Service Association, the Community and Public Sector Union, and the TAFE Community Alliance.

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