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  • Adam Taylor
    published this page in Petitions 2017-09-11 14:25:58 +1000
  • Philippa Griffin
    signed 2014-05-08 10:25:04 +1000
    TAFE has always provided an alternative to university education particularly for lower income and mature students. TAFE has been neglected and whittled away for thirty years. The current proposals will reduce options for learning yet again and disadvantage students yet again. I urge the NSW Government not to privatise TAFE and/or cut its budget. We need our NSW TAFE system with its dedicated teachers to remain as a wonderful alternative learning institution.
  • Rob Long
    signed 2014-03-30 20:35:28 +1100
  • Eugene Baxter
    signed 2014-03-26 19:02:31 +1100
  • Rosalind Levitus
    signed 2014-03-26 16:53:21 +1100
  • Brian Forster
    signed 2014-03-26 11:14:35 +1100
  • Kay White
    signed 2014-03-26 10:11:38 +1100
  • Nadia Warne
    signed 2014-03-26 09:09:09 +1100
  • Susan Williamson
    signed 2014-03-26 08:38:26 +1100
  • Paul Ford
    signed 2014-03-26 04:04:16 +1100
  • Patricia McCormick
    signed 2014-03-26 00:02:28 +1100
  • Irene Stariha
    signed 2014-03-25 22:13:40 +1100
    TAFE has always represented quality in skill based education. Competing with private, profit driven RTO’s further waters down the standards of education delivered – a very short sighted way of saving money!
  • Gregory Lynch
    signed 2014-03-25 21:33:20 +1100
    I have taught at TAFE NSW and now TAFE QLD and funding cuts are devastating our ability to effectively teach studebts
  • Rosemary King
    signed 2014-03-25 20:18:25 +1100
    TAFE provides a safety net for those who don’t negotiate the education system in the conventional way and is a bridge to lifelong learning – as well as providing practical skills often available nowhere else. It has a rich history as a vital part of our community

    which it enriches enormously.
  • Carole Allen
    signed 2014-03-25 19:24:49 +1100
  • Sean Corrigan
    signed 2014-03-25 18:45:28 +1100
  • Vikii Warne
    signed 2014-03-25 18:37:55 +1100
    TAFE is every bit as important to our community as any university in training students for a future career.
  • Julie Truer
    signed 2014-03-25 17:43:12 +1100
  • Andrea Clift
    signed 2014-03-25 17:40:52 +1100
  • Sally Bray
    signed 2014-03-25 17:20:34 +1100
  • Stewart Whittlestone
    signed 2014-03-25 17:14:26 +1100
  • Glenn Ker
    signed 2014-03-25 16:33:19 +1100
    TAFE needs to be returned to non-fee paying as it was when introduced as Techs so that those unable to go to University could get apprentice ships qualifications.
  • John Shanahan
    signed 2014-03-25 16:13:55 +1100
    This campaign is wonderful and greatly needed. Congratulations.
  • Margaret Brandl
    signed 2014-03-25 15:22:02 +1100
    Invest in TAFE. Invest in our youth. Protect our technical skills!
  • Nicholas O'Dwyer
    signed 2014-03-25 14:57:38 +1100
  • John Millar
    signed 2014-03-25 14:57:18 +1100
  • Alan Cinis
    signed 2014-03-25 14:44:02 +1100
    TAFE was the single most important learning opportunity in my life. I could not live where I do and be a safe guard for the Community without the Coxswains Course at TAFE. TAFE gave me a choice and a career option. Not bad at 45 years old.
  • Kim Zegenhagen
    signed 2014-03-25 14:41:17 +1100
  • Yvette Jurd
    signed 2014-03-25 14:35:50 +1100
  • @Simon_A_Wood tweeted link to this page. 2014-03-22 17:04:51 +1100


Save Tafe

TAFE is being pushed to the brink by the current state Coalition government’s budget cuts and privatisation agenda. Combined with years of neglect under Labor, NSW is now looking at a future without TAFE.

Tell the NSW Liberal government that you support investing in TAFE!

Dear Premier,

After years of cost cutting, rising fees, privatised training and job losses, TAFE needs an urgent plan to safeguard its future. TAFE is under threat  by your government’s budget cuts and privatisation agenda. Combined with years of neglect under Labor, NSW is now looking at a future without TAFE.

I urge you to commit to funding TAFE as an essential public provider of vocational education and training.

Yours sincerely,